Deadpool – Or how to gamble responsibly.

‘What the sh*t? That is the coolest film ever.’

Deadpool is undoubtedly a brilliant film and has got to be this years ‘Kingsman’ – there are so many good things to say about it and I suppose – since you’re here and I’m here, I might just tell you them.

A good Deadpool movie was something that I never expected having been a fan of the character and distraught by what Fox had done to him last time out in X-Men Origins : Wolverine. The studio back then clearly didn’t have a clue what made that character (or indeed any character) interesting and so had the cheek to sew his mouth shut. However, credit to the studio for righting their wrongs by rebooting the timeline and basically wiping that film out. That leaves us with this beauty, fair enough it was almost a non-starter but thanks to Fox (and a leaky part of the production team) we got a perfectly produced action rom-com film that is fun for all the family. No actually it isn’t is it? Yeah. But nevertheless, after the brilliance of the marketing campaign, which in my opinion did not put a single foot wrong. We are left with a film which lives up to the hype – sort of.

‘Surprise, this is a different kind of superhero movie.’

And Deadpool is not wrong as he thrusts his Katanas into the last of Ajax’s team. The action in this film is amazing to say the least, it reminds me a lot of Kingsman in that it just doesn’t care about how insane it is – the first real action scene in which the titular character attempts to take out Ajax’s minions with only 12 bullets is a fresh start to an origins story and adds a bit of flair to a scene which could have descended into a basic shoot-em-up.

The acting in this film is stellar and it is clear that Ryan Reynolds wants to play the titular character for the remainder of his day – and I say let him – he delivers all of his lines with ease and really understands what makes the character tick. His ability both on and off the screen to make people laugh is second to none and he is a brilliant casting for the film. Ed Skrein, who doesn’t have that big of a part even though he is the main antagonist of the film, plays a good part – he is excellent in the fight scenes and he makes his performance very menacing. Credit must be paid to T.J Miller who is brilliantly funny with the lines he has been given – reports of some of his lines being improvised are probably true with his humour and excellent grasp of all the characters shown clearly through his performance.

I feel that credit must also be paid to Fox for giving the nod to make this film in the first place – they did consider making it a 12 rating which would have appealed to bigger audiences but in the end, thanks to the persuasion of Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller (along with some persuasion from Deadpool to Wolverine as mentioned in the film) Fox decided to take the risk by allowing it to be made in all of its gory glory! That risk paid off massively with the film currently breaking records for an R rated film and earning Fox millions – paving the way for a whole new set of gory superhero films. Expect your favourite films from the past getting their gory remakes, we’ll have Finding and Killing Nemo, Pride and Prejudice and Zom- well no we won’t talk about that, tell you what just forget it.

‘Maybe he’ll advance the plot?’

Ok, so the film isn’t the greatest – the antagonists are barely in it and the story does seem a little paint-by-numbers, there are multiple clichés of a superhero film but in the end – why are we complaining? This is not a film that cares about the plot, or the side characters – you have paid to see one thing and one thing only and that thing is the very title of the film. This isn’t the ‘Age of Ajax’ – they don’t have to make him all that special, he just needs to be there. Deadpool however needed to be spectacular and he sure is – from the first minute the jokes are on point, Ryan Reynolds never takes his foot of the accelerator as the film gets funnier and funnier with pop culture references galore (Taken and 127 Hours being the funniest and the greatest jokes in the film) the film doesn’t stop there with Deadpool often criticizing the amount of X-Men the producers would pay for and the question of ‘McAvoy or Stewart’on who was playing Professor X. Additionally, I must confess that the opening titles are the greatest I have seen from a film in a long while – it is gripping, funny, visually pleasing and accompanied by a good soundtrack.

Overall, Deadpool is an excellent film that has been a passion project from director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds – they have treated this project as their baby and you can tell with the film being perfectly created and marketed. ‘The studio that inexplicably sewed his mouth shut the first time.’ – I’d be very surprised if they ever do that again.

10/10 (It’s Deadpool?!)


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